Chapter 3: page 25

Date Posted: January 14th, 2019, 8:33 am

Author Notes

Sorry about this, but there won't be a page today (Mon the 21st). I wasn't feeling too well over the weekend.


I wonder what he is seeing with his aura sense? *see a giant monster* "Nope!".
Place your bets on which giant pokemon is coming their way! My money is on a Steelix.
Though his reaction with aura seems to suggest something from ultra-space come to think of it.
it's his aura again.
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more info inside your butt
Oh noes.
Aaand another amazing Comic binge read. Love it thus far! The writing is amazing and tackles the concept of PMD in a more realistic way! It‘s a needed change of pace!
@Pixel Brush:hi there!! did you read my response on you tube.
@Snapinator:oh ok i hope you feel well.
Oh boy, that can't be good.
Cartoonist timed out please check you connection to Smack Jeeves.You may also want to go to a place with faster days like Jupiter.
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@Snapinator:are you OK sorry to bother?
@comercole: It's fine to ask!

Truth be told, I've really been struggling with depression these past few weeks. It's killed my ability to draw too.
@Snapinator: your not alone a lot of people have depression too i hope you can pull on that as well.
@Snapinator: Thats not good... Just know that there are a lot of people who care :) and that we can all wait as long as you need :) (Not trying to be pressuring or anything in saying that)

We appreciate your effort and art through tough times, Hope you feel better soon...
Bullies could have been a cause
If it was then fight back
My dream is to nuke there house obviously I can't do that though
Such a shame that's I can't
Just mentally nuke them and hope it comes true
When comments from web comics make you sanity
please take ur time, snap
I’m here from a binge n honestly this may be my new fav? and like considering I read a shit ton pmd comics that’s saying a lot :00
depression is awful and I hope for you the best in overcoming it to whatever extent with however much time you need. But again, amazing comic!